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发布时间: 2019 - 06 - 01
1.CNC machining and surface anodizing treatment.2. The handle design can be adjusted back and forth.3. The design of the handle and the frame can be adjusted to the left and right to adjust the center of gravity, more secure.4. The handles can be mounted on both sides of the frame for handheld shooting, and another handle can be purchased for dual-handed shooting.5. Install the camera position quick design to achieve quick installation and removal.6. Quickly install the plate with a limited position to prevent the camera from slipping out.7. There are 1/4 and 3/8 screw holes in many places to facilitate the installation of various auxiliary accessories.8. The handle and the frame are designed with a cold shoe opening, which can directly connect the accessories with the hot shoe interface.9...
发布时间: 2019 - 03 - 14
EAN  6970356206057 Quick DetailsBrand Name:  YELANGUModel Number:  L4XPlace of Origin:  China Name:  AutodollyMaterial:  Aluminum+ABSColor: Silver + OrangeSuitable for:  DSLR and smartphoneFunction:  Support CameraMax loading:  3kgType:   Flexible 360 Intelligent ShootingWeight:   567gWarranty:  1 year1.By adjusting the wheels, users can easily switch between straight and circle route modes.2.Start, pause, drive backwards, and adjust the running speed with the remote control.3.Replacement for slider — This dolly can run on desks, tables, camera...
发布时间: 2019 - 01 - 15
L40T 40cmCarbon Fiber For Small Camera & Phone
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UHF wireless receiving technology, Professional-level circuit structure provides LOW-CUT low cut functionDual independent output and MIX output-optionalEquipped with headphone output socket for real-time monitoringBoth headphone and recording output volume can be adjusted independently, with memory functionWNCR noise control technology can suppress environmental noise and wind noiseIntegrated high-performance audio compander provides wide dynamic range.Provides up to 100 wireless frequencies, to set up multiple channels working at the same timeSupport external power supply, so as to adapt to various occasions Frequency range: S38*S94 MH2Modulation mod,: FM Frequency response: 30 Hz * 18 kHz Microphone type: Condenser, Omni Channels: 100Frequency control: PLL Synthesizer...
UHF wireless microphoneMemorize the last output volume.4 sets can be used at the same time.LCD displayFrequency Range: 638-648MHzFrequency Response: 40Hz-12KHzNumber of Channels:6Transmit Power: ≤10dBmReceiving Sensitivity:S/N:12dB 3uVS/N Ratio: >80dBOperating Range: 70mTransmitter and Receiver Power Supply: 2x1.5V AA alkaline batteryPlaytime:≥15hrs
1.Microphone head, it has two modes can be picked up in the near and far2.TELE gear, suitable for long distance (public) pickup3.NORMAL gear, suitable for close distance (single) pickup4.OFF gear,  turn off the microphone status5.The battery cover, when replacing the batteries need to unscrew the built-in dual capacitor microphone core, pickup more awesome, built-in dual microphone, suitable for different people to used ,according to the needs of the users ,switching to different stereo microphone core pickup6. Cold boot fixed microphone bracket, the bracket can be freely adjusted up and down the height,It is also easy to remove and install the microphone
1. With 3/8 to 5/8 adapter screws, general market shock mount standard interface for 5/8 screw holes, note: when installating the connecting screws, it make The defective mouth side to the outside,in order to remove the connecting screws2.The top screw one head 1/4 and one head 3/8 free conversion, easy to use, can be directly installed to the microphone bracket.3.Easy disassembly and installation with M3 wrench4.Ring lock design, only a half...
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